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last update: 28/11/2019


A project to suggest?

Open a roadmap to get the latest info of a project. Fell free to add comments and do live edition/suggestion at anytime.

Hey project leads, it's critical to keep your roadmaps UP TO DATE and WELL DETAILED (and announce the project on the website ASAP).


A living document splitted in 3 cycles:

PRE-EVENT by projects leads with CA help
volunteers list, main contacts, announce on website, scouting, list of actions... Make a clear roadmap then involve the volunteers. All important details should be set.

EVENT by leads + volunteers
planning, checklist material, rigging details, transports... follow & make sure all volunteers are in the loop.

POST-EVENT by leads + CA
expense notes, website publications (photos, stories), debrief.

Please everyone keep following the roadmaps. It's so much easier to prepare the projects and make sure we don't forget important actions.

Past events

The projects below are still opened.
Waiting your expense notes, photos or stories!
and some notes of 2018 must be rewritten..:

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